Brazilian Retail News

25 Apr 2012

Japanese billionaire in the Brazilian Internet

Rakuten left the testing phase, which had started in November, to operate fully in Brazil, now with 94 online retailers. Another 200 should begin operations in the coming weeks.

Rakuten is a Web portal in which any business, whether large or small, can sell its products. In Japan, the company sells for both large multinational companies such as Panasonic and for chicken breeders who sell eggs through the portal.

Last year, Rakuten's net sales totaled •379 billion (about $ 4.6 billion), a 9.8% increase over 2010, primarily due to operations outside Japan.

In Brazil, Rakuten has arrived ten months ago, when it purchased Ikeda, a leading company in the national e-commerce solution market, created by Brazilian Ricardo Ikeda, now partner of the Japanese company in its operation in Brazil.

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